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Following an Arthroscopic Latarjet

Following an Arthroscopic Latarjet

Following latarjet surgery you will need to wear a sling for the first 6 weeks post operatively to ensure that the bone block unites to the anterior glenoid.

A Physiotherapist will see you the morning after surgery before leaving hospital. The physiotherapist will give you some exercises to do and will give you a brochure with these exercises outlined. If you have trouble remembering the exercises you can refer to the videos that we have made of the common postop exercises. in the first 6 weeks after your operation rest is more important than exercise.

The one activity that I want you to avoid after latarjet surgery is an active biceps contraction as you would if you lift an object towards your head by flexing your elbow. The biceps tendon is attached to bone block (coracoid) which I have transferred to the front of your shoulder. If you are contracting your biceps too much in the first few weeks after the surgery it will prevent the bone block from healing to the front of your shoulder or worse still dislodge it or cause it to fracture.

A CT scan will need to be performed after 6 weeks post operatively. I will review the CT with you at your 6 week post operative appointment to confirm bone healing has occurred.  If the bone block has healed then your rehabilitation programme and return to work and sport plans can be upgraded and you will be able to look at going back to work and returning to sport.