Shoulder Clinic


There’s more to your consultation than just booking the appointment. Please take a moment to read through all the information provided below, so you can be prepared for what may be required of you, before you see Dr Cutbush.


Booking your initial consultation
To make an appointment to see Dr Cutbush, you can call the rooms on (07) 3063 5500 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) between 8:30am and 4:30pm or email the office at:

What you’ll need
Please bring a current referral from your General Practitioner or specialist. This provides Dr Cutbush with important information regarding your condition, and enables you to claim part of your consultation cost through Medicare.

If you’re unsure if your referral is current, just check with the reception staff when booking. Also, if you’ve been advised by your physiotherapist or other allied health professional to see Dr Cutbush, you will still need a referral from your GP to claim through Medicare.

Specific items you’ll need to bring for your first appointment:
  • Referral from your GP
  • Medicare Card
  • Patient Details Form (Provided by our office)
  • Pain Scale From (Provided by our office)
  • Health Insurance Information (if applicable)
  • Any X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and any other information relevant to your condition
  • Workers compensation claim details (if applicable)
  • If you’ve had previous surgery with another doctor for your condition, please bring any information about that operation that could prove helpful
‍‍Post-operative Consultations
You will be advised of your postoperative appointment before you discharge from hospital. For most shoulder procedures Dr Cutbush will want to see you six weeks after your operation to review your progress and to discuss your future rehabilitation.

Physiotherapists are experts at guiding your postoperative rehabilitation. We arrange your postoperative appointments as co-appointments with an expert shoulder physiotherapist from Extend Rehabilitation and with Dr Cutbush.  If it doesn’t suit you to see the physiotherapist with Dr Cutbush please let us know and we will book your postoperative appointment with Dr Cutbush only.

Payment Information
Payment is required at the time of your consultation. You may pay by Eftpos, credit card, cash, cheque, money order.  The credit cards that the office accepts are Visa, MasterCard and Bankcard only.

Please note, that if your appointment is being conducted via Telehealth, that payment is required prior to your consultation with Dr Cutbush.

Please advise the office prior to your consultation if a third party such as Workcover or an insurance company will be paying Dr Cutbush’s fees, before seeing Dr Cutbush.

We will need your claim number and insurer contact details, to confirm with the third party that they accept the payment of your account. Invariably, the confirmation will need to be via letter, email or fax. If the third party does not agree, you will need to pay the consultation fee before seeing Dr Cutbush.
Consultation Fees
The fee of the initial consultation is $300.00 and with a current referral, a portion of this is claimable from Medicare.

• The fee for an initial Telehealth consultation is $300.00

Please note, that your private health insurance does not contribute to the cost of consultation fees.

Subsequent Consultation Fees
Dr Cutbush may require you to return for a review consultation. This may be to discuss results from further investigations and/or to review your progress and future treatment.

• The cost of the subsequent consultation is $115.00 and with your current referral, a portion of this is claimable from Medicare.

• The fee for a subsequent consultation conducted via Telehealth is $115.00.

• Your health insurance does not contribute to consultation fees.

Surgery Fees
Dr Cutbush is a private billing specialist, and as such there will be an out-of-pocket expense associated with your proposed surgery. Please be advised that Dr Cutbush does not 'No-Gap' or 'Known-Gap' surgical procedures. Dr Cutbush's surgical fees are guided by the Australian Medical Association's schedule of fees.

We will give you, our patient, the best possible care for your shoulder problem, and this isn’t possible to do through a bulk billing practice. After your operation, correct physiotherapy is important if you are to get the best possible result.

Post-op physiotherapy co-appointments with Dr Cutbush
We routinely book your post-op follow-up appointments as a co-appointment with both Dr Cutbush and a physiotherapist from Extend Rehabilitation.

This suits most patients, however, if you prefer to just see Dr Cutbush, please let the office know before your appointment.

There is no fee for the first post-op visit with Dr Cutbush, as this is included in your post operative care.

Following this, the consultation fee to see Dr Cutbush for a post-op visit, in conjunction with the physiotherapist is $70.00.

For a co-appointment with the physiotherapist, the fee is $115.00 and depending on your health insurance, a portion of this may be covered by your insurance.

Extra Costs
Occasionally, a minor procedure such as an injection may be performed during your consultation. You may be charged extra for these procedures.

Confirmation of your appointment
If you give the office your mobile phone number, an SMS reminder will be sent out two business days prior to your appointment. Please reply to the SMS to confirm your attendance.

Cancelling or rescheduling your appointment
Please let us know at least one day prior to your appointment, if you need to cancel or reschedule.