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Superior Capsular Reconstruction & Rotator Cuff Repair


Dr Praveen Vijaysegaran presented our early results of arthroscopic superior capsular reconstruction combined with rotator repair at the Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA) Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) in Canberra this week.Large international studies of rotator cuff repair including the UKUFF trial undertaken in the United Kingdom have demonstrated retear rates following rotator cuff repair surgery of 30 to 40% for a full-thickness rotator cuff tear. These figures are for full-thickness tears including small and large tears. When we look at the results for large rotator cuff tears the retears rates are considerably worse with rates of 50% to 75% quoted.Combining superior capsular reconstruction (SCR) with a rotator cuff repair is a technique pioneered by my friend and colleague Teru Mihata from Osaka, Japan. We have been using it for the surgical management of large and massive rotator cuff tears since I visited Dr Mihata in Japan in late 2017. We have seen a dramatic improvement in healing rates for rotator cuff tears treated with this technique.Preparing this initial data for presentation has been a big job for my fellows Dr Kristine Italia, who has recently completed the fellowship training and returned to practice in Manilla, Philippines, and Dr Praveen Vijaysegaran, one of our current fellows. It was terrific to have our fellow, Praveen, present the early results at the AOA ASM this week. Well done Praveen!