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RNS Shoulder Symposium 2020


It was a pleasure to be invited to be part of the Royal North Shore Shoulder Symposium Faculty earlier this year. The symposium was held in Sydney in February 2020. It was attended by over 100 Australian Shoulder Surgeons.

As part of my practice I am regularly asked to look after patients who have had a rotator cuff procedure and who have failed to make an adequate recovery. It is often not appreciated by others what these patients go through. A failed rotator cuff repair can leave patients struggling to sleep and unable to work. These patients are frequently told that there is nothing further that can be done for them. At the meeting I shared my approach to treating these difficult clinical problems and how I go about giving patients their shoulders (and their life) back.

This is my algorithm for treating patients after a failed rotator cuff procedure.
With from R to L: Bart Jan Veen, Andrew Ker, Ashish Gupta