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Professor David Sonnabend Lecture QUT


It was my great pleasure to introduce Prof David Sonnabend when he spoke to the engineering students at QUT on Tuesday.

David spoke on the history of shoulder surgery in Australia. We had a terrific via zoom as well as in person.

David is a member of the Advisory Board of ARC Training Centre for Joint Biomechanics.

David has been an inspiration to a generation of shoulder surgeons. He performed the first rotator cuff repair in Australia and was one of the first surgeons to perform a Reverse Total shoulder replacement in Australia in approximately 1999. He is the Emeritus Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Sydney. He has an honours degree in biochemistry; has authored over 70 peer peer-reviewed scientific papers and 18 book chapters. His doctoral thesis was on the pathology, repair and comparative anatomy of the rotator cuff. David was a founding member of the Shoulder & Elbow Society of Australia (SESA).