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Guest Speaker Korean Shoulder Society


Guest Speaker Korean Shoulder Society

KSES 2024 31st Annual Congress of The Korean Shoulder & Elbow Society, Seoul, Korea

Honoured to have been a guest speaker at the KSES 31st Annual Congress in Seoul, Korea, thanks to my friend JC Yoo, President of KSES. My talk focused on the role of Reverse Shoulder Replacements in under 55 year olds. While it is not common to replace the shoulder in this age group, there is early evidence from the Australian Joint Replacement Registry (NJRR) that suggests Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement and Stemless Anatomical Total Shoulder Replacements may be a better option for younger patients. These alternatives may have a lower revision rate than the classical Hemiarthroplasty or Anatomical Total Shoulder Replacements, which have been traditionally preferred. High activity levels in younger patients can lead to faster wear and tear, resulting in the need for further surgery to revise the joint replacement at some stage.

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