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Dr Wu Kang and Dr Mirek Karel


We bid farewell to Dr. Wu Kang and Dr. Mirek Karel after their successful completion of the 12-month Brisbane Shoulder Fellowship.Dr. Wu is embarking on an exciting journey to Canada to pursue a prestigious fellowship with George Athwal in London Ontario, following his significant contributions to our research work. He has prepared two research papers for publication, showcasing his expertise in the field.Dr. Mirek, on the other hand, is wrapping up a book chapter on Arthroscopic Latarjet for the ISAKOS Complex and revision problems in shoulder instability, collaborating with my colleague Ashish Gupta. His outstanding accomplishments have earned him a coveted fellowship with Tjarco Alta and Arthur van Noort, starting in July 2024.As Ashish and I bid farewell to Mirek and Wu, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with them again in the future. Cheers to their continued success in their respective journeys!George Athwal, Tjarco ALTA, Arthur van Noort, MD PhDQUASR, ARC Training Centre for Joint Biomechanics , St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital, QUT (Queensland University of Technology), The University of Queensland